Congratulations! If you are looking for smoking cessation programs you may be taking the first steps towards overcoming your nicotine addiction. At Family Dentistry of Belleville, we are here to assist you on your path to smoking cessation and will support you every step of the way. We can discuss goals and educate you on smoking cessation methods and present the treatment options available to you to help you quit and reach your goals.”

Why should you stop smoking?

We are all aware of the health risk associated with smoking. Smoking is responsible for nearly 20% of all deaths in the United States. Smoking can lead to cancer of the lungs along with cancers of the stomach, kidneys, colon and mouth; just to name a few. Smoking can also increase the risk of heart attacks and macular degeneration.

How to stop smoking?

Clearly, breaking the smoking habit can be very difficult. The greatest personal resource to smoking cessation is your own reason why you want to quit. Are you concerned about your health? Are you concerned about the risk of second hand smoke for your loved ones? Did smoking recently claim the life of someone close to you?

The decision why quitting is important is yours to make. Once you have your personal motivation for quitting, our dental team will assist you throughout the stages of smoking cessation.

The Benefits of Smoking Cessation Programs

The benefits of smoking cessation are obvious in that you can improve your overall health while reducing the risk of diseases like oral cancer. The absence of smoke will be noticeable in your home, your car and on your clothes. Your smoke stained teeth will whiten or you can have professional teeth whitening performed in our office.

The risks associated with smoking are dangerous and certainly not beneficial to your well being or general health. If you would like to learn more about our smoking cessation program, please contact us today to schedule a consultation.